Author: Abhishek Shete

Abhishek is a novice in investment. His write-ups help him separate facts from the perception which improves his knowledge. He enjoys reading about businesses, business models, playing badminton, poker, and cricket. On top of that, he is an ardent coffee lover.

Oriental Carbon and Chemicals Limited – Coffee with Abhishek

Reading Time: 17 minutes Source link | Twitter Handle Key Investment Rationale OCCL is one of the top 4 producers of Insoluble Sulphur (IS) where only 4 players hold 90% market share globally. Demand for Insoluble Sulphur is dependent on the production of rubber or tyres which is related to the auto industry and replacement tyre market. Demand for […]

Fiat Chrysler (FCAU) – Coffee with Abhishek

Reading Time: 21 minutes Source link | Twitter Handle The investor community has long believed that FCA is an inefficient European automobiles manufacturer, drowning in debt and overexposed to poorly performing European markets or to emerging markets with economic difficulties. Even if there is a little truth to that, things have improved dramatically over the last decade. Fiat Chrysler […]

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