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How to Check Management Quality Before You Buy a Stock? – Part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile | YouTube Channel In my early investment years what puzzled me most was the Quality of Promoters of the stocks I invested in. Management Quality is fairly elusive and some veteran investors like Vijay Kedia had an interesting solution: He goes and visits management in person. There, what he focuses most is on “How […]

5 Points That Make Solara Active Pharma a Mr. Dependable Stock!

Reading Time: 7 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile | Youtube Channel Whether it is Cricket or the Stock market, winners are made up of their habits. Between Cricket & Investment – Easy thing first. Let me put forth 5 traits/habits of Mr. Rahul Dravid which make him ‘Mr. Dependable’ of the Cricketing world. Focus Long Term Thinking Consistency Adaptability Robust technical […]

3 Early Warning Signs of a Bad Debt Fund – Is Your Debt Fund Safe?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Source Link | Twitter Profile | Youtube Channel Post Franklin Templeton fiasco the debt fund schemes have been in the focus for all the wrong reasons. It is really painful to witness that the risk perception in Debt (which had been traditionally less) has outgrown Equity in the recent past. The debt fund Investors are in quandary and […]

Is Coromandel International The Best Agriculture Stock in India? – Part 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile | Youtube Channel You can read the Part-1 on Coromandel International here. For beginners, it may seem like a good idea (and an exciting prospect) to buy a company that tells a good story to investors, even if it completely lacks a track record of revenue and profit. But as Warren Buffett has […]

Is Syngene International the Infosys of Indian Pharma?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Source link | LinkedIn Profile | YouTube Channel The fun fact about the above mentioned quote is that if you replace “Medicine” with “Investing” you will also find most of the people nodding in agreement. Interestingly, we are going to find a Stock worth investing in Medicine: Syngene International. Synegene International has been in news for […]

IOL Chemicals Stock Analysis: A Pain Killer API Story

Reading Time: 4 minutes Source link | LinkedIn Profile | YouTube Channel Let’s dig deeper into IOL Chemicals Stock Analysis which is a pain killer API story! Today in the new pandemic stricken world Painkillers are new surviving tools as the sale of Analgesic and Antipyretic such as Ibuprofen has increased tremendously. Before Covid 19 also the price of Ibuprofen […]

SEBI Circular on Multicap Funds – The Final word from SEBI on Multicap Funds and its Impact to Investors

Reading Time: 4 minutes The SEBI Multicap definition conundrum which was set rolling on Friday came to an logical ending on Sunday .Latest Headline of Economic Times says so: Which means that neither Investor nor Fund House do not have to panic and the Fund houses got the opportunity to Rebalance their portfolio in their Multi Cap schemes ,which […]

Coromandel International – Best Agriculture Stock to Buy?

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Is Coromandel International best agriculture stock to buy? Let’s deep dive into it. Agriculture is the new Holy Grail of Dalal Street. The renewed thrust of Govt spending to farmers through DBT transfers has invigorated the sector. Also the above average monsoon is expected to shower more on this sector. As they say-“When It […]

Future of HDFC Bank – Is HDFC Bank the Bank for the Buck Now?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Investors always have this dilemma – Should I buy HDFC Bank now? What’s the future of HDFC Bank? Banks are usually very opaque hence difficult for a retail investor to understand, therefore I have done a stepwise fundamental analysis of the whole private banking sector so that we can make out whether HDFC Bank with […]

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