Author: Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar is based out of Chennai and is a self-proclaimed foodie, mostly you can bump into him hogging at some random food joint on the streets of Chennai.

The Eighty Twenty Investor Approach To Decide Your Asset Allocation Mix – The Eighty Twenty Investor

Reading Time: 10 minutes Asset Allocation refers to how you split your money between different assets such as equity, debt, gold, real estate etc. This is probably the single most important decision when it comes to investing. But unfortunately, this decision somehow never gets the required attention. In fact, academic research demonstrates that approximately 80-90% of your long-term investment returns […]

Primer on Evaluating Risks in Debt Mutual Funds – The Eighty Twenty Investor

Reading Time: 12 minutes Debt Mutual Funds were actually supposed to be a simple investment option which could be used as a more liquid (can be sold anytime without penalties) and tax efficient alternative (if held for >3 years) for Fixed Deposits. Unfortunately, debt funds have been unnecessarily complicated thanks to our lure for those little “extra” returns. Here […]

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