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Will The Aviation Industry Surely Take-Off After COVID?

Reading Time: 10 minutes Written By Pratik Jain and Pooja Kunden for The Financial Pandora What Is It All About? “You can’t have a mid-life crisis in the aviation industry becauseevery day is a crisis” Herb Kelleher, Former CEO, Southwest Airlines. The 1950s – “The Era of Mass Air Travel” had begun. Naturally, the aviation industry cannot trace back to the Spanish Flu […]

UTI AMC – Will It Disrupt AMC Business?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Written By Pratik Jain for The Financial Pandora UTI AMC is the largest asset management company (‘AMC’) in India in terms of Total Assets Under Management (‘AUM’) and the seventh-largest AMC in India in terms of mutual fund Quarterly Average AUM (‘QAAUM’) as of September 30, 2019, according to CRISIL. The company caters to a diverse group […]

Protect Yourself with Different Insurance Types

Reading Time: 8 minutes Written By Anosh Mody for The Financial Pandora LinkedIn Profile | Twitter Profile Dear Readers, Today we cover the most crucial (but most overlooked) aspect of any individual’s personal finance: Financial Protection with different Insurance types. Any proponent of protection solutions is often looked down upon as a “salesman”. This stigma arises from the fact that Insurance companies have […]

Dixon Technologies Company Analysis – The Brand Behind Brands

Reading Time: 12 minutes Source Link | LinkedIn Profile | Twitter ProfileSkip to conte About Before we dive deep into Dixon Technologies Company Analysis, let’s go through the overview of the company first. Dixon Technologies Ltd was established back in 1994 in a single office with the thought of taking the advantage of underpenetrated electronics manufacturing market in India. […]

Compuage Infocom Company Analysis – An Indian Bet on Wholesale IT Products Distribution

Reading Time: 24 minutes This post has been written by Rohan Seth, co-Founder – The Financial Pandora. Compuage is a whole sale distributor of IT related products and services. I will delve deeper into Compuage Infocom Company Analysis that will inculcate almost all aspects of the business. Industry Analysis As the reader would have understood that the company’s business […]

LIC India Business Analysis & Insurance Sector Analysis

Reading Time: 28 minutes Insurance Industry Insurance as many have a notion is not an investment product for the policy holder. Insurance is a savings product. The insurance industry is one of the most highly regulated industries that you can find in the world over. It is also one of the most important industries simply because policy holder trust […]

Cimmco Stock Analysis – A Potential Turnaround Small Cap?

Reading Time: 15 minutes Cimmco Ltd, a listed Indian small-cap company is into wagon manufacturing, trucks and other industrial goods. In this report, I will be talking about two segments – wagon and trucks. This is because the company mainly deals in wagons. The company has forayed into truck manufacturing as well, by entering into a strategic partnership with […]

Porter Startup Story: Turning the Trucks to the Right Direction

Reading Time: 5 minutes Organizing the unorganized Ashish, a grocery store owner in Mumbai, is new to the city, and he is not much aware of intracity logistics. He always faced challenges in getting a mini truck on time to transport the goods from stockists to his shop. Also, he often ended up paying two-way freight because of lack […]

Detailed Analysis: BIOCON Limited Research Report – India’s Largest Biotech Company

Reading Time: 33 minutes Industry Overview The pharma sector is well poised to take an important position in the world markets. India being the largest generic medicines provider, supplies over 50% of the world demand for various vaccines and over 40% of generic demand in the US. This basically points to a simple conclusion, that India has an enormous […]

Sustainable Finance: New Age of Impact Oriented Finance

Reading Time: 7 minutes It was during the Earth Summit in Rio-de-Janeiro in 1992, that a group of visionary leaders witnessed immense possibility in redefining the financial system to achieve sustainable development. Later on, the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) was formed, which acted as a catalyst to assist financial institutions to move towards sustainable development. […]

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