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Sujith comes with 15 years of experience in the derivatives market along with Long term Wealth creation via Large-cap companies. His theory is: If risk-free Bank FD generates 100% in X years, the Stock market should provide that return in half the time.

Stock Based Compensation (SBC) – MoneyDhan

Reading Time: 5 minutes Why Stock Based Compensation (SBC)?   As investors, I think we can gain a lot of insight into companies by looking at their SBC policies what incentives they create, how much they cost, etc. The goal behind SBC is we want a company’s executives the CEO, upper management, ideally anyone making important decisions to think […]

NIFTY November 2020 – MoneyDhan

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nifty is 1085 points up since opening for November month, at the time of writing this answer. Today is Diwali , Saturday 14th of November.Nifty closed at all time high. Did you know,Nifty never made a closing above 6.8% in November month till date. This means we should expect nifty to close below 12600 by […]

How did LTCM hedge fund blow up? – MoneyDhan

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the 1950s, individuals dominated trading. Now institutions with nearly unlimited resources make up 90% of daily trading volume. There are ever increasing 325,000 Bloomberg terminals and 120,000 Chartered Financial Analysts. Technology and the explosion of information have leveled the playing field. John Meriwether founded LongTerm Capital Management in 1994. For 2 decades before LTCM […]

WorldCup and HDFCBANK – MoneyDhan

Reading Time: 3 minutes In year 2012 , while reading a Facebook comment intrigued me. The person made a statement, HDFCBANK doubles every 4 years. Well, India lost in the semi finals of the 2019 world-cup. No matter what actions you take, one must wait until 2023 for another chance to claim the world-cup. My profile would hint that […]

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