Author: Moulik Jain

Moulik is 24, an Entrepreneur, and a successful Angel Investor at Beardo (exited). He is currently one of India's youngest Angel Investors.

Impact of COVID on the Gold Finance Industry – 10X10Y

Reading Time: 4 minutes COVID-19 has been the most unpredictable event there can possibly be. While most businesses have seen adverse impacts of the pandemic, Gold Finance companies have been standing tall throughout. Mr. V P Nandakumar MD & CEO of Manappuram on May 14th said, “Our past experience is that during periods of economic stress banks can really […]

An Overview of the Glittery Gold Loan Industry – 10X10Y

Reading Time: 8 minutes Gold in India Gold enjoys a vital place in the hearts and homes of Indians and is often considered as being representative of their financial security, social status and cultural legacy. Gold has traditionally been a liquid asset and universally accepted commodity that has seen its value appreciate over the decades. It comes as no […]

BFSI Industry Dismantled – 10X10Y

Reading Time: 10 minutes Back in the day, the Financial industry was simply classified into Banking and Non-Banking. However, with the exponential growth of the industry over the last decade, every sub-industry has made a name for itself. Thus, a more structured name propped up, called the BFSI Industry. BFSI stands for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance which gives […]

Industry Language – 10X10Y

Reading Time: 13 minutes In my previous article, I calculated the Economic Profit of multiple Industries and their segments. The final calculations resulted in the Gold Finance segment emerging victorious in the NBFC space with the highest profitability; an Economic Profit of a stunning 16.82%. This also helped me reach the conclusion on which company i shall be doing […]

India’s celebrity fund manager who’s making value investing look sexy. – 10X10Y

Reading Time: 2 minutes Saurabh Mukherjea is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Marcellus Investment Managers, India’s Fastest growing PMS (Portfolio Management Services) players in India. Marcellus was incorporated in August ’18 and in six months had close to 36 crores in AUM (Assets under Management). Upon getting in touch with one of the key members at the […]

Hertz & its Robinhood Traders – 10X10Y

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hertz is a 100-year-old American car rental company founded in 1918. It joins the roster of other iconic brands that have filed for bankruptcy like JC Penny, J. Crew, Gold’s Gym, Whiting Petroleum etc.  The company lost 85% of it’s Market Capitalization in a single trading day on 26thMay, when it was publicly announced that […]

Circle of Competence – 10X10Y

Reading Time: 3 minutes The dictionary defines competence as the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. You can either be born with a certain competence or you develop it over time. Steph curry, the two-time NBA MVP (most valuable player) was born with it. He was the son of a professional basketball player and showed extreme competence in […]

Debt Mutual Funds, covering all that you don’t know – 10X10Y

Reading Time: 6 minutes I recently heard a podcast featuring Deepak Shenoy, the brilliant founder of Capital Mind. The one hour podcast covered almost everything about Debt Mutual funds that one needs to know about, as an outsider. To get started, most of us majorly deal with equity, but yes there exists debt mutual funds and it isn’t all […]

Sorrento Therapeutics – 10X10Y

Reading Time: < 1 minute Shares of Sorrento Therapeutics, a small pharma company based out of California, rose as much 344% intraday, on Friday after the company claimed that it has found an antibody that could potentially treat SARS-CoV-2, the virus that leads to COVID-19. While this is promising, the company still has to go through human trials and FDA […]

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