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Turning 10000 To 640 Crore

Reading Time: 4 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile It’s been 40 years since Mohammed Anwar Ahmed took his first plunge into long term owning of stock. The total worth of his shares is over 600 crores and the cumulative dividends he has received is more than 100 crores. Let’s take a deep dive into how Anwar has built […]

Your Best Shot At Getting Rich!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile Life is simple. But it is us who make it complicated.   “Take a simple idea and take it seriously.” —Charlie Munger   Similarly, becoming rich is simple, but the majority of us complicate things. We fall for a number of get rich quick schemes by buying courses which sell you dreams […]

Do You Have A Rainy Day Fund?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile Life often hands us unexpected changes. To manage these unexpected changes, you need to have some amount of expenses set aside.    These unexpected changes could be any unforeseen event which may burn a hole in your pocket. It can be anything like a broken car, sudden illness, or even […]

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