Author: Purav Shah

Purav analyses a company/sector and ends by asking the key questions that are likely to determine the success of the investment. He tries to answer these questions and decides that they should go (in the words of Charlie Munger) in the “too hard (to answer) pile”.

Balkrishna Industries – Can The Compounding Machine Continue? – The Curious Investor

Reading Time: 10 minutes Summary  BKT has been a phenomenal wealth creator (36% CAGR i.e. 22x over last 10 years) It operates in the Off-Highway Tyre (OHT) segment, which has low growth prospects but is a moderately attractive industry to be in because of the high entry barriers  The company has delivered strong operational performance over the last decade […]

About the Blog – The Curious Investor

Reading Time: 2 minutes In investing (like with many things in life) it is not always possible to have all the right answers but it is important to ask the right questions. In line with this philosophy,  and taking a cue from Ben Graham’s “Intelligent Investor” and Basant Maheshwari’s “The Thoughtful investor”, I have called this blog “The Curious Investor” […]

About Me – The Curious Investor

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company. I graduated from IIM Ahmedabad in 2020 and from the University of Cambridge in 2016. I’m passionate about stock market investing, venture capital investing and entrepreneurship (basically anything to do with long term wealth creation).  I especially enjoy stock market investing and find it intellectually stimulating. I […]

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