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2 Short Stories to Read on Long-Term Investing If You are Under 21

Reading Time: 5 minutes During my teenage, I used to have a tough time memorizing historical facts. But once my teachers wrapped them with short stories, I found the whole exercise amusing. That’s the power of short stories. They stay in your heart forever. Since then, whenever I find the time, I lay my hands on historical “short stories […]

My Favorite Quotes on Investing from the Indian Investing Community

Reading Time: 7 minutes Whenever I search “Quotes on Investing” on Google, I rarely find any reference to Indian investors and financial thinkers. All I get is a list quoting either Warren Buffett or Charlie Munger. Ben Graham or Howard Marks. Or other globally renowned investors.    Hardly the results show the quotes on investing by Lt. Shri Chandrakant Sampat […]

1 Important Lesson Learned from The Great Depression of 1929

Reading Time: 7 minutes Let me tell you something interesting from The Great Depression of 1929. Something about a valuable lesson learned from one of the greatest financial tragedies. The term “The Great Depression” may sound familiar to your ears but certainly not Benjamin Roth.   Well, he was neither a trained economist nor a financial professional. Just an […]

Is Avoiding Stupidity Far Better than Chasing Brilliance?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Let’s go back to 2011. And imagine yourself watching one of the MTV Roadies episodes. On the sets, its host Raghu Ram insists to test contestants’ creativity with a simple task. Whether they choose to avoid stupidity or chase brilliance to win, it is fun to read.   All they need to do is: pick […]

Let’s Understand Investing The Way I Teach It to My Daughter

Reading Time: 5 minutes Teaching my daughter has always been about giving contexts. Be it about books, famous personalities, fruits, or toys. She understands the concept better when I relate it to something she is already familiar with.   For instance, planets in the solar system. She can differentiate among them because of her familiarity with different colors of […]

Impact of Corona on Financial Markets

Reading Time: 6 minutes No wonder that the Corona pandemic has turned the world upside down. Across the globe, more than 185 countries have enforced complete isolation to contain its spread. Manufacturing activity has come to a standstill. The roads give a deserted look.   In fact, the situation is so severe that it has applied brakes on 167 years […]

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