Author: Sanjay Elangovan

Figuring out what works in the markets.

Life Insurance – a silent guardian, a watchful protector – Reading between the lines

Reading Time: 14 minutes A life insurance policy is the cheapest and safest mode of making a certain provision for one’s family. Everyone in the family can sleep peacefully without having to worry about the future. A person who dies without adequate life insurance should have to come back and see the mess he created. Will Rogers So what […]

New Income Tax regime and the Intelligent Investor – Reading between the lines

Reading Time: 19 minutes The old tax regime was introduced in the 1960s to incentivise savings and investment. As we progress as a matured economy and more people become aware of personal finance, it is natural and sensible to shift towards a flexible rate structure. It has to be simple and make the decisions related to tax incentives easier […]

Picking the bottoms – Reading between the lines

Reading Time: 6 minutes In my introduction blog, I spoke about using Technical Analysis and High Probability Setups for entry in quality stocks with good fundamentals. Recently, I listened to Nooresh Merani’s talk in IIC ( about Double and Multiple Bottoms in Nifty and how rewarding those setups have been. Thought I will write about one of the high […]

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