Author: Shekhar Yadav

It was only during the third semester in Engineering that Shekhar overheard a Gujarati guy in his class discussing stocks. After a few discussions with him, he realized that this was what he wanted to do in his life.

Q2FY21 Quarterly Result Analysis

Reading Time: 2 minutes GMM Pfaudler has been in the news for the wrong reasons with respect to its crashing share price. The share price fell from almost ₹7000 level to current 3500 levels. But if you look at the quarterly performance, after 3 quarters of stagnation, the revenue grew by almost 22%. To add to this the margins […]

Polycab India Ltd- Q2FY21 Analysis

Reading Time: < 1 minute While the first quarter(Q1FY21) was a washout with a 50% decline in sales on account of 2 months of lockdown. I was amazed by the recovery amidst the ongoing pandemic and intermittent lockdowns across the country in Q2FY21. And that is true for many other publicly listed companies I track. While the B2B segment of […]

Welspun India Ltd- Analysis​​

Reading Time: 3 minutes Welspun India introduced its  flooring solution in FY19 through its subsidiary Welspun Flooring Ltd. This is something unique to Indian market.  The plant was commissioned in September 2019 with an investment of ₹880 cr in Hyderabad, Telangana. The plant has a capacity of 27 million square metres per annum. Flooring will be altogether different venture than […]

Marksans Pharma Ltd- Analysis

Reading Time: < 1 minute Since the company largely manufactures in India and export its exports via its subsidiaries, it would be more meaningful to look at the consolidated numbers. Headquartered in Mumbai, Marksans Pharma Ltd is engaged in the research, manufacturing and marketing of generic pharmaceuticals(formulations) and focused on the regulated market and grown majorly via acquiring international companies. A larger […]

List of Anti Dumping Duties by India

Reading Time: < 1 minute What is Anti dumping Duty:  An anti-dumping duty is a protectionist tariff that a domestic government imposes on foreign imports that it believes are priced below fair market value. Dumping is a process wherein a company exports a product at a price that is significantly lower than the price it normally charges in its home […]

VIP Industries Ltd & Safari Industries Ltd- Q1FY21 Analysis

Reading Time: < 1 minute Given that Q1 is always the best quarter for the company, VIP Industries have stocked itself with inventory to the core to be prepared for the demand. But looking at the Q1 sales which is done by 93%, the management now expect this inventory to last for the entire year.  Now, there has been drastic […]

Oriental Aromatics Ltd- Analysis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Given that Oriental Aromatics Ltd is into niche business with lot of entry barrier, the company can maintain its margins but growth would not be very high but ok kind of at 10-15%.  Niche businesses has very limited market.  F&F is more of a consistent kind of business which will grow moderately in line with […]

Coromandel International Ltd- Analysis

Reading Time: < 1 minute Agriculture is highly cyclical and depends on monsoon, so will the industries depending on it.  Consecutive droughts leads to lower consumption of agri-inputs. That leads to higher inventory in channels. Higher inventory leads to stressed cash flow.  In terms of monsoon, First year of good monsoon goes towards inventory liquidation. From second year of good […]

Understanding the ‘Indian Agri-Input Sector’

Reading Time: 8 minutes Advertisements India has more than 50% of its population dependent on agri and allied activities. With worldwide green revolution and famine like situation in India in 1961, the production today has increased manyfold even with declining agricultural land, this was with the use of fertilizers and crop protection products. Agri-input sector consists of Fertilizers, Crop protection […]

Balaji Amines Ltd and Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd- Q4FY20 Analysis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Since Acetonitrile is a commodity product, its prices are derived by supply-demand dynamics. So, for prices to go up either demand goes up or supply goes down. In case of Acetonitrile, it was the later. Acetonitrile can be manufactured by 2 process:  1) As a byproduct in the manufacturing of Acrylonitrile. 2) By the reaction […]

How to Profit from Mega Return Stocks

Reading Time: < 1 minute A secular bear market is a mirror image of a bull market. It is an extended, multi-year period of negative market movements. From the third stage of a bull market, a bear market starts to develop and share prices keeps heading lower and lower. Bear market is also characterized by sharp intermittent rallies followed by […]

Deepak Nitrite Ltd- Q4FY20 Analysis

Reading Time: < 1 minute As of today the total capacity are running at 70% capacity utilization. The management said that they are not facing any problem with respect to raw material or labor. The biggest challenge has been logistics but they are seeing normalization there.  During the quarter, the company lost revenue of ₹52 cr & EBITDA of 30 […]

CreditAccess Grameen Limited- Q4FY20 Analysis

Reading Time: < 1 minute According to the management, with the moratorium, reduction in any sort of discretionary expenses as well as most of the rural business activity starting 1st week of May 2020, the borrowers would be well placed to clear the dues. Also, most of the rural activities came under essential ones.  During the moratorium months of Apr-May, […]

GMM Pfaudler Ltd- Q4FY20 Analysis

Reading Time: 6 minutes Advertisements GMM Pfaudler Ltd had another subdued quarter mainly due to high capacity utilization and the loss of business due to lockdown impacting the entire supply-chain. I will explain more about the Q4Fy20 performance in the blog “GMM Pfaudler Ltd- Q4FY20 Analysis”. I also have written one more blog on the company :  GMM Pfaudler […]

ICICI Securities Ltd- Playing the financialization theme

Reading Time: 2 minutes Because of the competition faced from discount brokers, the yield has declined as full service broker such as ICICI Securities Ltd also have reduced their commission. But given the factors mentioned above in the “Future growth drivers”, their overall revenue growth is likely to continue more likely with the market. As of now the growth […]

AIA Engineering Ltd- Analysis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Headquartered in Ahmedabad, AIA Engineering Ltd has clients in 125+ countries covering all continents of  the world. About 75% of the company’s product are exported and India contribute less than 25%.  Co. Operates in only one domain- high chrome mill internals-includes grinding media, liners and diaphragms. The company wants to focus only on a very […]

Learning from the book ‘Investing the Templeton Way​’

Reading Time: 6 minutes Advertisements Sir John Templeton would need no introduction. He is the founder of Templeton Mutual fund (currently infamous in India). The mutual fund holds over $700bn in asset under managment globally. The book ‘Investing the Templeton Way’ is written by the great niece of Sir John Templeton, ‘Lauren Templeton’. It covers the investment history of […]

Muthoot Finance Ltd- Analysis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Muthoot Group has a very long history, being founded in 1887 in Kerala. The group pioneered gold loan financing in 1939. As of 2019, Muthoot Finance Ltd is India’s largest gold financing company in terms of loan portfolio. They have a market share of close to 18% in the Gold loan Financing followed by Indian […]

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