Author: Siddharth Misra

Siddharth posts regular tweet threads on History/Culture/Tech, etc. He loves Data and talks about Modern Indian & Business History.

The longitude and British Empire

Reading Time: 7 minutes August 8, 2020 9 min to read How solving the Longitude Problem perhaps made the British empire. Lines of latitude and longitude began crisscrossing our worldview in ancient times. By A.D. 150, the cartographer and astronomer Ptolemy had plotted them on the twenty-seven maps of his first world atlas. Seafarers have always needed to know […]

How well do you know about the origins of some Indian Occupational Surnames?

Reading Time: 4 minutes February 22, 2020 6 min to read Know more about the Origin of some famous Indian Surnames. The greatest number of Indian family names were derived from Sanskrit, however few occupational family names also came from Arabic and Persian (Farsi) -Dewan, Majmudar (record keeper), Malik, Shroff, Doshi, Sarkar, and Sood. Plus adapted from western world, […]

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