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As a professional trainer, Subra trains a lot of people – corporate employees, promoters, non-finance managers, fund managers, entrepreneurs, life insurance agents, journalists, PR agencies, and anyone who wants to learn. His style is simple – He tells stories of real people, real experiences, and breaks down complicated topics into easy to understand lessons.

Liquidity Risk? – Subramoney

Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you worried about Liquidity Risk on your portfolio? Have you been spoilt by a market which did not crash much even though the pandemic is taking its toll on the economy? On Thursday of last week, the Canadian authorities published guidance directed toward investment fund managers on how to maintain an effective liquidity risk […]

Share buy-back – Subramoney

Reading Time: < 1 minute More and More share buy-backs will now be visible! TCS has announced a buy-back, Wipro is about to announce, and many more will follow. This is obvious – the arbitrage between a 43% tax vs a 10% capital gains! One more arbitrage that is likely to happen is that some smaller Amc will launch AIF […]

How should a 25 year old invest? – Subramoney

Reading Time: 4 minutes i wrote this article for some website / magazine..not sure which Reuters perhaps…. You have just crossed your 24th birthday when you’ve gained the education and/or skills you need for the career you’ve chosen, and you’re earning money and learning how to handle it. Ok, ok you are not in your twenties but are in […]

Blowing My Trumpet! – Subramoney

Reading Time: 6 minutes I could have called it “My Own Boswell” but Late Justice Hidayatullah (Ex Chief Justice and then Vice-President of India) beat me to it. Here is a an article from a regular reader…. They say that “If you don’t look back at your past self from a year ago and feel ashamed, you aren’t progressing […]

Icici bank and me! – Subramoney

Reading Time: 2 minutes I have been using Icici bank (since 1995) and Hdfc bank (since 1993) – and am reasonably satisfied with them. Icici bank seems to have better technology – I can do more things online with Icici bank, than I can do with Hdfc bank. For example if I sell shares through a broker (other than […]

why it will NOT happen! – Subramoney

Reading Time: 2 minutes In 2014 many of us were optimistic about Narendra Modi’s elevation as PM and were hoping that some economic changes will happen. Yes, somethings happened – like banks recovered huge sums of money from people like Ruia who had gone on record saying “I will not repay”. This was the first time that I saw […]

D.I.Y works! – Subramoney

Reading Time: < 1 minute I posted a video ( ) and was wondering whether Hdfc and Reliance have outperformed Berkshire Hathaway – since 1980 (around IPO time for Hdfc and Reliance Industries). The (obvious) pre-condition is that the student has to take into account all the dividends paid by both these companies. Using the Modigliani Miller theory, the […]

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