Author: Tej Lahoti

Chartered Accountant || CFA (L1) & FRM (P2) Aspirant || Loves Markets, Music, Movies and Memes.

Top Down or Bottom Up?

Reading Time: 5 minutes At the outset, I would like to mention that I had been away from writing to prep for my CFA exams, but turns out they are postponed (for the Nth time) so we’re hopefully back with regular articles now – He said like he had millions of avid readers, who couldn’t do without these wannabe […]

Tech bubble 2.0: A Sequel?

Reading Time: 4 minutes At the outset, I would like to clarify that I am not a flag bearer of an impending bubble which will burst, but just a few observations between the dot com bubble and 2020, especially in terms of IPOs and their valuations. So, for anyone unaware, the late 1990’s/ early 2000’s was an interesting time, […]

The Fault in Our PE Ratio

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hopefully, the snappy title is effective in catching your eye to yet another post about the stock markets. So, let’s get right into this one. Today, we’re going to try and make sense of the PE ratio and why it may be slightly irrelevant in today’s times, where central banks all around the world, are […]

Timing the market vs Time in the market

Reading Time: 3 minutes You like a company. Let’s call it Company A. It is an extremely well managed business, generating good cash-flows with reliable top management in a promising industry. Company A currently trades at a price of 200/ share. But as per your valuation, the company should be available 25% cheaper, at say 150/ share, so you […]

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