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Save Early or Lose Substantially?

Reading Time: 5 minutes An often repeated mantra is that if you don’t start saving early, you end up losing tremendously. You cannot argue with a statement like that , especially when it’s backed by evidence of the difference in returns if you start at 20 or start at 30. Keeping in mind my skepticism with much of what […]

Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund – A credit risk free debt fund

Reading Time: 5 minutes Source link | Twitter Handle One of the rudest realisations of year 2020 has been how credit risks in debt funds can come to bite. Now, investors ask, “no equity, no credit risk, give me a safe tax efficient investment option.” In this context, we explore the Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund and if you should […]

Fractional Investment in Commercial Real Estate – What’s the real deal?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Source link | Twitter Handle Fractional investment in commercial real estate is gaining traction in India. One of the earlier ventures in this space, PropShare, recently got commitment from thousands of investors. The total interest was valued above Rs 1,000 crores with an upfront cash commitment of close to Rs. 80 crores. Another company following […]

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