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Agro Tech Foods Limited (ATFL) – A play on the rising in-house consumption

Reading Time: 8 minutes Monologue Yves Potvin, a Canadian Entrepreneur saw potential in the plant-based meat category and launched his company Garden Protein International (Gardein) in 2009. It got sold to Pinnacle foods for USD 154 Mn (Sales of USD 65 Mn) in 2014, finally landing in Con Agra’s portfolio in 2019 (this was a part of USD 11 […]

Money Value of Time | Saket Mehrotra

Reading Time: 4 minutes Today, I wish to reinvent the wheel and talk about ‘Money Value of Time’. Wait. Isn’t it supposed to be Time Value of Money? As a finance professional who has spent countless hours crunching numbers, I’ve used this to calculate multiple Net Present Value[s] (NPV) for multiple companies. For the uninitiated, NPV is a way […]

From David to Goliath – Solara Active Pharma Sciences

Reading Time: 7 minutes Introduction Solara Active Pharma Sciences (SAPS) was formed in the year 2018 by carving out the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) business of Strides Pharma and Sequent Scientific. Within 6 months of the carve out taking place, the company went public and listed at a price of 239. It reached a low of 154 on 13th July, […]

Chamath Palihapitiya – A refreshing voice in the world of Venture Capital

Reading Time: 4 minutes This post was originally published for The Financial Pandora. Do check out their website. The world of Venture capital (VC) and start-ups has become too glamorous these days. From billion-dollar funds going forward raising one fund after the other and investing in start-ups right from Series A to Series F, the entire start-up world today […]

Delta Corp – Is this house always winning?

Reading Time: 6 minutes There is a very popular saying in the world of gambling and casinos. “The house always wins.” This basically translates to a belief that if you run a casino, you will always make money. If this is as good as it sounds, all of us would want to own a share of the casino business, […]

Seven expensive mistakes to avoid while participating in the capital markets

Reading Time: 4 minutes I was introduced to capital markets at a very young age looking at my father (a retired lawyer) fiddling with various physical contract notes and calling up brokers through our landline while Udayan Mukherjee used to come on the TV screen of CNBC India, which used to be on high volume in our home. Seeing a […]

Has Curefit cracked the fitness code in India?

Reading Time: 9 minutes It was the year 2016 and I was deeply excited about the start-up space in India. As I sat in the NASSCOM warehouse in Kolkata and flush with everything ‘start-up’ around me, there was something strikingly odd that I read. Accel Partners, IDG Ventures India, and Kalaari Capital have participated in a USD 15 Mn […]

TTK Healthcare – Keeping ‘SKORE’ in the Indian market

Reading Time: 7 minutes Background In a country that has close to 135 cr. people and adding 1-2 cr. people on an average every year, sex has been rampant. With a greater share of the millennial population, increasing internet penetration and rising awareness across sex education and wellness, the use of contraceptive products has seen increased adoption. With the […]

Stimulus 2.0 and the road ahead for India

Reading Time: 4 minutes The wait is finally over. Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes on screen at 8PM as the entire nation waits with bated breath. He keeps repeating the term ‘self-reliant’ and tells the approach Indians should now take to consumption is – Go Local. What did really come as a welcome surprise was the announcement of a […]

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