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New SEBI guidelines for risk scoring mutual funds

Reading Time: 3 minutes Source link | Twitter Handle “Never let a crisis go waste”. SEBI has taken this adage seriously and come out with a comprehensive set of guidelines to communicate risk associated with mutual fund schemes. Remember the image below. This is a RiskOMeter. You see it as a part of your mutual fund scheme factsheet. The […]

Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund – A credit risk free debt fund

Reading Time: 5 minutes Source link | Twitter Handle One of the rudest realisations of year 2020 has been how credit risks in debt funds can come to bite. Now, investors ask, “no equity, no credit risk, give me a safe tax efficient investment option.” In this context, we explore the Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund and if you should […]

What are my various short term investment options?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Investing for the short term has its benefits. Lets look at some of the short term inverstment options we have available to us. Most people think long term is the only way to go when investing, but there may be times when an investor may find some surplus cash without a clear timeline of investing […]

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