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What is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company? And why are companies going public via SPACs

Reading Time: 7 minutes The world of finance is not untouched by trends. There are new products and services coming up all the time and then there are those which make a comeback. A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) forms part of the latter category. It has existed for long, but has come back to prominence only in the […]

Polycab India Ltd- Q2FY21 Analysis

Reading Time: < 1 minute While the first quarter(Q1FY21) was a washout with a 50% decline in sales on account of 2 months of lockdown. I was amazed by the recovery amidst the ongoing pandemic and intermittent lockdowns across the country in Q2FY21. And that is true for many other publicly listed companies I track. While the B2B segment of […]

The Massive Future of Pharma Contract Manufacturing Beyond 2020

Reading Time: 7 minutes Written By: Shuchi Nahar | Shuchi’s Blog | Linkedin Profile Contract Manufacturing (CDMO) Industry Insight The global pharmaceutical contract manufacturing & contract research market size was valued at over USD 123.1 billion in 2016. Cost-saving and time-saving benefits associated with the implementation of outsourcing is responsible for driving industrial growth. Companies are investing in infrastructure, personnel, and technology in order […]

Top 5 = 44%, Top 10 = 62%: Concentration Risk in Nifty 50?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nifty 50, as you know is made up of 50 stocks of different weightages. And generally, it is accepted to be a well-diversified index that represents the Indian markets sufficiently well. But in recent times, the skewed weights of few of the top stocks in the index are posing questions about whether it is actually […]

Why and How to choose the best investment adviser

Reading Time: 6 minutes In this article we will talk about why DIY investors should hire an Investment adviser before taking the plunge in the investing world. Investing is more than just buying few stocks and making profit. There are many other things you need to consider in your financial journey such as insurance, debt, savings, goals etc that […]

Dividend Option of Mutual Funds Renamed to ‘Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal’ option

Reading Time: 2 minutes SEBI has directed all mutual funds and AMCs to rename the dividend payout option in mutual funds schemes to Payout of Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal option. The circular announcing the change – link or download here. That is: Dividend (old name) – renamed to -> Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal (new name) But since […]

Glass Manufacturing sector from Investment point of view

Reading Time: 6 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile Hi all, I hope you are doing well. In our ongoing blog series of knowing various sector from investment point of view we are going to discuss the Glass Manufacturing sector next. Today we will know more about listed players in glass manufacturing sector, their packaging materials and many more products […]

Multi-Cap Fund Allocation Rule Change (2020) + Impact on your MF Portfolio

Reading Time: 6 minutes SEBI has modified the rules for Multicap equity mutual funds. So now a detailed allocation structure has been introduced for multi-cap funds. This has been done via a circular on ‘Asset Allocation of Multi-cap funds’ (dated 11-Sep 2020: link or download here). Going forward, all the schemes within this category will have to adhere to the […]

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