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How Comfortable Are You Holding Stocks For 30 Years?

Reading Time: 4 minutes The short-term ups and downs in the stock market garner all of our attention but true investors know long-term returns are the only ones that matter. The biggest worry for many long-term investors is a Japan-style decades-long malaise that sees the stock market give you nothing for 30+ years. From the beginning of 1990 through […]

Dividend Option of Mutual Funds Renamed to ‘Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal’ option

Reading Time: 2 minutes SEBI has directed all mutual funds and AMCs to rename the dividend payout option in mutual funds schemes to Payout of Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal option. The circular announcing the change – link or download here. That is: Dividend (old name) – renamed to -> Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal (new name) But since […]

Common Causes of Very Bad Decisions · Collaborative Fund

Reading Time: 5 minutes Italian psychologist Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini was once asked why people keep making the same mistakes. He said: Inattention, distraction, lack of interest, poor preparation, genuine stupidity, timidity, braggadocio, emotional imbalance, ideological, racial, social or chauvinistic prejudices, and aggressive or prevaricatory instincts. Let me add some more: Incentives can tempt good people to push the boundaries farther […]

Some Money & Investing Stuff I’ve Changed My Mind About

Reading Time: 4 minutes One of the reasons financial planning can be so difficult is things are constantly changing. And I’m not just talking about the markets, economy or technology. Your circumstances, opinions, priorities and general relationship with money change over time as well. Strong opinions, loosely held is my theory. Here are some money topics I’ve changed my […]

Animal Spirits: Worst Recession Ever

Reading Time: 3 minutes This week’s Animal Spirits with Michael & Ben is supported by YCharts: Mention Animal Spirits and receive 20% off your subscription price when you initially sign up for the service. We discuss: A boom in new businesses “Democratize investing” may actually be working Why “sleeping at night” may not be the best financial advice Does asset allocation even […]

Glass Manufacturing sector from Investment point of view

Reading Time: 6 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile Hi all, I hope you are doing well. In our ongoing blog series of knowing various sector from investment point of view we are going to discuss the Glass Manufacturing sector next. Today we will know more about listed players in glass manufacturing sector, their packaging materials and many more products […]

Multi-Cap Fund Allocation Rule Change (2020) + Impact on your MF Portfolio

Reading Time: 6 minutes SEBI has modified the rules for Multicap equity mutual funds. So now a detailed allocation structure has been introduced for multi-cap funds. This has been done via a circular on ‘Asset Allocation of Multi-cap funds’ (dated 11-Sep 2020: link or download here). Going forward, all the schemes within this category will have to adhere to the […]

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