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What is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company? And why are companies going public via SPACs

Reading Time: 7 minutes The world of finance is not untouched by trends. There are new products and services coming up all the time and then there are those which make a comeback. A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) forms part of the latter category. It has existed for long, but has come back to prominence only in the […]

Top 10 online courses to learn investing

Reading Time: 5 minutes The coronavirus pandemic has impacted life in general and forced governments, businesses, and individuals to look at the way they have been used to doing thigs differently. Individuals, specifically, have been severely impacted in terms of lifestyle, form of working, and impact on career. While these times are testing, they also present an opportunity to […]

An Overview of the Glittery Gold Loan Industry – 10X10Y

Reading Time: 8 minutes Gold in India Gold enjoys a vital place in the hearts and homes of Indians and is often considered as being representative of their financial security, social status and cultural legacy. Gold has traditionally been a liquid asset and universally accepted commodity that has seen its value appreciate over the decades. It comes as no […]

9 Fintech apps you should know about

Reading Time: 6 minutes Best Finance Apps in India you should know about to manage your money better Fintech is an arena that brings together the seemingly distinct worlds of finance and technology. The technology aspects helps ‘digitize’ the payment systems across segments. This arena helps retail investors in making online payment, lending institutions in gaining traction in digital […]

Venkatesh Jayaraman Investory – Part 3

Reading Time: 5 minutes This is the third part of a three part interview of fintwit guru – Venkatesh Jayaraman. Part 1 About Venkatesh and his passion for Investing How his investment journey began His Investing methodology How he learnt and keeps learning about investing Part 2 – How Venkatesh manages his risk profile Part 3 – Venkatesh Jayaraman’s biggest learning […]

Venkatesh Jayaraman Investory – Part 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes In the previous part of this investor success story, you read about Venkatesh Jayaraman, his passion for investing and his investing methodology. In the following article, you will read more about risk management. Read Part 1 here Risk Management The very definition of risk is subjective, a few most common ones being: English dictionary: danger […]

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