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Porting health insurance? Waiting period for higher cover

Reading Time: 2 minutes Source link | Twitter Handle There are times when you outgrow your current health insurance policy and you need to take another one. That is when you decide on porting health insurance. A higher sum assured and / or more benefits with a similar premium are primary drivers of this decision. The key benefit of […]

Protect Yourself with Different Insurance Types

Reading Time: 8 minutes Written By Anosh Mody for The Financial Pandora LinkedIn Profile | Twitter Profile Dear Readers, Today we cover the most crucial (but most overlooked) aspect of any individual’s personal finance: Financial Protection with different Insurance types. Any proponent of protection solutions is often looked down upon as a “salesman”. This stigma arises from the fact that Insurance companies have […]

LIC Jeevan Umang – Is there room for joy?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Source link | Twitter Handle I woke up this morning to a WhatsApp message from a friend. A terse “Let me know your comments” was added to a PDF of LIC Jeevan Umang and its benefit illustration. “OK. Here it comes…again.” Read about LIC Jeevan Shanti Plan I sit down, open the PDF on my […]

Taking Care of Personal Finance during the Pandemic

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi all , I hope you are well and safe from the ongoing pandemic. Everyone is at battle in these times. Here is my attempt to highlight my experience of handling personal finance during last 4 months.  Has the Pandemic times made you realize the importance of Emergency Fund ?  The crucial times as such […]

A comparison of 4 Personal Accident & Disability Insurance Covers

Reading Time: 4 minutes Source link | Twitter Handle You likely have a Term plan for life insurance and a personal health cover too. But if I ask you about disability insurance, you are likely to look at me with surprise. What is that? One of the most ignored protection is that of disability insurance. The term plan protects […]

Comparison of Corona Kavach Plans 2020

Reading Time: 6 minutes This is a follow-up post to an article I wrote earlier. There have been multiple requests for a comparison of Corona Kavach Plans. Here’s a dynamic page that we will keep updating with the comparison of these plans. Quick recap: Need for special health insurance for COVID 19 Insurance customers hospitalized for COVID 19 have […]

Is HDFC Life Sanchay Plus a worthy tax free guaranteed return option?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Source link | Twitter Handle Tax free and guaranteed returns has always been a crowed puller with investors. In these uncertain times, it acquires the form of ‘Amrit‘. So, if one tells you that you can get a neat 5% to 6% guaranteed rate of return, tax free, changes are you will salivate. Well, this […]

Making sense of Special Covid 19 Health Insurance

Reading Time: 6 minutes Why are special covers necessary? I have been recommending a fixed benefit cover for Covid 19 treatment for some time now. The reasons for the recommendation are simple. While IRDAI did make sure that all health insurance policies cover Covid 19 treatments, there was yet another problem. People still reported large out-of-pocket expenses amounting to […]

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