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Risk and Governance during a Crisis

Reading Time: 3 minutes Source link | LinkedIn Profile | Twitter Profile The theme of the column revolves around Risk and Governance. The Global Financial Crisis followed the episodes of severe repercussions for financial and economic fragility. From the Global Financial Crisis perspective, the crisis highlighted the absence of an enterprise-wide risk decision-making process. Resilience likely to be countered […]

How to Check Management Quality Before You Buy a Stock? – Part 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile | YouTube Channel In my early investment years what puzzled me most was the Quality of Promoters of the stocks I invested in. Management Quality is fairly elusive and some veteran investors like Vijay Kedia had an interesting solution: He goes and visits management in person. There, what he focuses most is on “How […]

Stupid Retirement Advice – Subramoney

Reading Time: 2 minutes If you switch on any YouTube video, or channel or even a blog by a financial service professional you get “Retirement advice”. Let us separate the wheat from the chaff. To start planning for Retirement you need to know how much money one needs for Retirement: Absolutely foolish advice. Most people in their 50s are […]

HDFC Bank Ltd – A Tough Bank Made for Tough Times?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Article Source link | Facebook Profile Overview HDFC Bank Ltd – the No.1 private bank by market capitalization, which is a subsidiary of HDFC. The bank was incorporated in the year 1994 headquartered in Mumbai. The current revenue of the bank is 1.47 Trillion INR. The largest public bank currently has 1,04,154 permanent employees. It […]

Equitas Small Finance Bank IPO – Should You Subscribe?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Source link | Twitter Profile | JST Investments Website Incorporated in 1993, Chennai-based Equitas Small Finance Bank Ltd (ESFBL) was the largest small finance bank in India in Fiscal 2019 considering banking outlets and the 2nd largest small finance bank considering assets under management and total deposits. It is primarily engaged in providing small business loans, microfinance, […]


Reading Time: 5 minutes Article Source link | Facebook Profile     Britannia shares price has performed almost 68.46 % growth post-COVID-19 Crash. Anyhow, the company has bagged a consistent growth when compared to YTD performance. The YTD growth is also comparatively higher compared to other sector stocks of 18%. Recently, the company has announced its Q2’2021 result. The […]

MicroFinance Overview – My Learning Depot

Reading Time: 5 minutes Microfinance is a predominantly small ticket size, unsecured loan. Risk related to unsecured credit means high NIMs and higher RoE. This higher RoE in microfinance gets normalized by credit events ( AP crisis, floods) where non-performing assets see a spike, eating away the excess returns generated during good times. It is also important to note […]

This Famous Wall Street Metric Can Aid Your Trading and Investing Decisions

Reading Time: 8 minutes Value at Risk or VaR as it’s usually referred to, is a Risk Management metric widely used by many Banks and Investment Banks around the world. The post explores the basics of the definition, the calculation and the usage of this famous Wall Street Metric. If you’ve watched the movie ‘Margin Call‘, there is a […]

Can Castrol India Survive The Electric Vehicle Revolution?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Dark Horse Stocks Home Page | Twitter Profile | Join Their Telegram Channel Castrol India Limited is 100% debt free subsidiary of 121 years old Castrol Ltd headquartered in Pangbourne, Berkshire, UK. Castrol is the world-leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of premium lubricating oils, greases, and related services to automotive, industrial, marine, aviation, oil exploration and production customers across […]

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