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Removal of Anti-dumping duty of PTA and its implications on the textile sector!

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Indian government announced during the budget that it is revoking anti-dumping duty on the import of Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), a key raw material required for the production of polyester staple fibre and filaments. This announcement is with the intent to promote the growth of the man-made fibre (MMF) textile companies in India. Hence, […]

How Will You Measure Your Life

Reading Time: 13 minutes Since I am personally fond of writing and penning my thoughts as an active blogger, I have never been a fan of producing anything verbatim. But Clay Christensen s article from Harvard Business Review, below, is a lethal combination of philosophy, Corporate Conduct, Prioritisation, life lessons and above all refreshingly different from the humdrum of […]

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. – Investment Thesis – Introspeck

Reading Time: 6 minutes Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd. (ABFRL) is the largest listed apparel retailer in India and was formed on account of merger of 2 separate businesses – Madura Lifestyle and Pantaloons. The company sells its products across segments, right from value fashion all the way to premium formals. While Pantaloons has an exposure to all […]

New Income Tax regime and the Intelligent Investor – Reading between the lines

Reading Time: 19 minutes The old tax regime was introduced in the 1960s to incentivise savings and investment. As we progress as a matured economy and more people become aware of personal finance, it is natural and sensible to shift towards a flexible rate structure. It has to be simple and make the decisions related to tax incentives easier […]

Picking the bottoms – Reading between the lines

Reading Time: 6 minutes In my introduction blog, I spoke about using Technical Analysis and High Probability Setups for entry in quality stocks with good fundamentals. Recently, I listened to Nooresh Merani’s talk in IIC ( about Double and Multiple Bottoms in Nifty and how rewarding those setups have been. Thought I will write about one of the high […]

Strong Core for flourishing branches. | by Mystic Wealth

Reading Time: 2 minutes Slow Compounding. WHY are we so GUNG HO about MWT. Mystic Wealth Tortoise. We at Mystic Wealth believe that Slow compounding done on Index itself is the ultimate and probably the ONLY viable strategy available to retail. Now of-course you might feel that we have a product to sell and therefore commitment bias ensures that […]

Accounting for sustainability – The Inquisitive Investor

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week I heard about a body called the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). This was in the context of ESG investing. Katherine Collins, who heads sustainable investing at Putnam Investments, was speaking about their process in ESG investing. She talked about how they had used the SASB standards to identify factors that measure sustainability. […]

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