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Patience is Virtue No One Has Time For Anymore

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tech stocks are going crazy? Check IPOs are on fire? Check Retail day-trading is going bananas? Check People are proclaiming we’ve entered a “new” economy? Check Warren Buffett is getting mocked relentlessly? Check Investors are throwing money at unproven business models with no profits? Check Value stocks are getting crushed by growth stocks? Check Small […]

How the U.S. Consumer Became the Most Resilient Force in the Economy

Reading Time: 8 minutes Once the shutdowns began in mid-to-late March and the economy was effectively put on ice, predictions began pouring in about the potential unintended consequences. Some people assumed there would be a replay of the Depression Babies which saw an entire generation of people change their spending and saving habits to a more frugal lifestyle following […]

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