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What is so attractive about CDMO’s in Pharmaceutical Companies?

Reading Time: 6 minutes CDMO’s to be considered as next stepping stone for Pharma Companies… SHUCHI.P.NAHAR Link: In recent years, pharmaceutical outsourcing has grown in popularity amongst drug developers across the industry. Companies are increasingly outsourcing to contract development and manufacturing organisations (CDMOs) due to the benefits outside expertise can bring to their business. So, what are the […]

Practitioners Insights: Field Guide To Investing

Reading Time: 6 minutes Field Guide To Investing.. Shuchi.P.Nahar So here is the article that will definitely widen the thinking horizon before investing in stocks  just by listening to markets. It’s the compilation of  my understanding from the webinar that I attended. The start of a new year is always one of the best times to review your investment […]

Why Selling is important and difficult at the same time?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Selling- Art and Science  Shuchi.P.Nahar When it comes to selling , everyone of us at some point of time had faced some basic questions, like When to sell? How to decide the right time? What is the right price to exit? And just to have some sense of confidence we ask in our groups , […]

Last straw for the economy with lots of new changes to be seen in upcoming years

Reading Time: 10 minutes Probably the last straw of distress, disturbance, down- turn , and misery of the Overall Economy.. !  SHUCHI.P.NAHAR When we consider India and track the past few years , it will show a rigorous downfall , recession all over, considering it a textile , banking, or pharma whatever the sector you choose there was no phenomenal […]

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