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5 Best Ways To Invest in Gold in India

Reading Time: 3 minutes Gold is One of The Most Liked Investments in India. and there are Many Ways to Invest in Gold in India. In India Household, Gold Jewellery is Not Just Used as Wearable But it Also Helps in Financial Emergencies. Indian Households Holds Around 24,000 Tonnes of Gold According to The World Gold Council. This Makes […]

9 Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping in India (2020)

Reading Time: 9 minutes We Indians Love Discounts and Free Stuff (Including Me 😉) and That’s Why I Made a List of All the Best Credit Cards for Online Shopping in India that can Get you More Discounts and Offers. As India is Becoming Digital We Indians are Now Doing More and More Online Shopping. We Get More Offers […]

Everything You Need to Know It

Reading Time: 11 minutes Are You Planning to Invest in Gold to Diversify Your Portfolio? Then Probably You have Heard about Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme. Today, We are Going to Discuss Everything You Need to Know About The SGB. So Let’s Start This Journey Together. Learn How to invest in Gold in India What are Sovereign Gold Bonds? Sovereign […]

Covid-19: Asset Allocation and Government Policy

Reading Time: 6 minutes Summary: Real estate has become unsexy with millennials while equities, gold and lately cryptocurrencies have become popular. The last decade has seen a fundamental change in consumer preferences towards renting versus owning their primary home. The virtues of buy and hold stock investing have been extolled by every expert and followed like the gospel by […]

New Income Tax regime and the Intelligent Investor – Reading between the lines

Reading Time: 19 minutes The old tax regime was introduced in the 1960s to incentivise savings and investment. As we progress as a matured economy and more people become aware of personal finance, it is natural and sensible to shift towards a flexible rate structure. It has to be simple and make the decisions related to tax incentives easier […]

Picking the bottoms – Reading between the lines

Reading Time: 6 minutes In my introduction blog, I spoke about using Technical Analysis and High Probability Setups for entry in quality stocks with good fundamentals. Recently, I listened to Nooresh Merani’s talk in IIC ( about Double and Multiple Bottoms in Nifty and how rewarding those setups have been. Thought I will write about one of the high […]

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