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SiS is cashing in on F E A R

Reading Time: 5 minutes Pre COVID, our biggest threat was a human being. This elite status has now been replaced by an invisible organism that wants to kill you for absolutely no reason. Just to make things worse, this organism can largely come to you via your old fear, i.e the human again. This just made a human risky […]

Take a walk Johnnie, scotch #JUSTGOTHIP – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 4 minutes The moment you say scotch, I think of a heavily wood panelled, dimly lit room with distinguished gentlemen holding a rather empty crystal glass in one hand and smoking a cigar with the other. Oh yeah, also they are white with well groomed facial hair. They seem to follow some of these rules for odd […]

Is Max Ventures going Anywhere but down ? – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 4 minutes Owning Max Ventures has been frustrating. From 2017, the company and its Balance Sheet have been getting better and more streamlined, but the M.Cap has only been plummeting. This makes you re-consider your fundamental assumptions and when you realise that you aren’t wrong, it only makes matters worse. This is when your rules of portion […]

How the boring old Thomas Cook is turning out to be a Master Chef – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some companies first get exciting and then get confusing. Not too long ago Fairfax got us all excited with Thomas Cook and then got us ecstatic with Quess and Sterling before becoming a sort of Crystal Maze. Recently however, after the Quess demerger and a few quarters passing the dust seems to have settled down […]

Why David can’t get the better of Goliath this time. (bunder vs kingfisher) – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 4 minutes Start ups are judged on Sales growth. Listed companies are judged on PAT and Free Cash growth. Not surprising then, companies will try to game the above metrics. Bira 91, the CRAFT KID on the block made a crazy splash In India over the last few years with the hope to improve and raise the […]

Take a real adventure with Max Ventures ! – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Investment Case – Max Estates is on a mission to deliver 10,00,000 sqft of Grade A Commercial Office Space in the NCR region EVERY year. These buildings are not future proof, but the future itself. Grade A office space are a fantastic rent yielding asset that the likes of Blackstone, Brookfield and Singapore’s GIC are […]

Dimaag ka Nahi, yeah Dimaag SE Dahi banaraa ! – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lets directly address the elephant in the room. Is Jagan Mohan Reddy going to to make Heritage history ? Simple answer – NO ! Procurement prices of cow milk this quarter was about 30 rs a litre and buffalo milk was about 45 rupees a liter. The Andhra govt has announced a package of a […]

Khadim’s – the Pomeranian that wants to be an Alsation – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 2 minutes Khadims has a whopping 800 stores in India, 200 owned and 600 franchised. Despite the 800 store count, it has a measly turnover of just about 800 cr. What makes this a sadder story is that they alo have institutional business as and a distribution business with 540 dealers. (Obviously they aren’t all that effective) […]

SiS Annual Report 2018-19 Highlights – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes This Security Company is an awesome Security to Own 😉 Big Fat Target – To be no 1, in all three verticals of Security, Facility Management and Cash Logistics in India by 2022. Revenue Contribution Today 38% India security service. 49% Australia, New Zealand and Singapore security service revenue. 13% facility management Negligible Cash management […]

Can Radico Khaitan do something Radical again ? – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Radico has an extremely interesting history. It is a classic commodity-to-branded product story laced with superb watershed moments as well as near death scenarios (read as bankruptcy). The more you understand the company, the more you want to make a Netflix series about this company. Yes, it that interesting. Today in a country that is […]

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