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What is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company? And why are companies going public via SPACs

Reading Time: 7 minutes The world of finance is not untouched by trends. There are new products and services coming up all the time and then there are those which make a comeback. A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) forms part of the latter category. It has existed for long, but has come back to prominence only in the […]

HPCL: A Maharatna Company | Key Notes

Reading Time: 5 minutes The year was historical for HPCL, as Government of India has conferred the coveted ‘Maharatna’ status to your Company, which entails greater operational and financial autonomy to the Corporation. Government of India has conferred ‘Maharatna’ status on October 24, 2019, featuring us in an elite list of 10 Central Public Sector Enterprises in India   […]

Top 10 online courses to learn investing

Reading Time: 5 minutes The coronavirus pandemic has impacted life in general and forced governments, businesses, and individuals to look at the way they have been used to doing thigs differently. Individuals, specifically, have been severely impacted in terms of lifestyle, form of working, and impact on career. While these times are testing, they also present an opportunity to […]

Packaging Sector from Investment point of view – Part 2

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hi all, I hope you are doing well. In our ongoing blog series of knowing packaging sector from investment point of view. In part 1 we had discussed companies from paper-plastic manufacturing products(Link)  Today we will know more about listed players manufacturing metal as packaging materials. Let’s dive in. Business: Packaging is basically classified on […]

Taking Care of Personal Finance during the Pandemic

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hi all , I hope you are well and safe from the ongoing pandemic. Everyone is at battle in these times. Here is my attempt to highlight my experience of handling personal finance during last 4 months.  Has the Pandemic times made you realize the importance of Emergency Fund ?  The crucial times as such […]

9 Fintech apps you should know about

Reading Time: 6 minutes Best Finance Apps in India you should know about to manage your money better Fintech is an arena that brings together the seemingly distinct worlds of finance and technology. The technology aspects helps ‘digitize’ the payment systems across segments. This arena helps retail investors in making online payment, lending institutions in gaining traction in digital […]

Should I invest in Canara Robeco Equity Diversified fund ?

Reading Time: 4 minutes About Canara Robeco Mutual Fund Canara Robeco Mutual Fund is a joint venture between the Canara Bank and Robeco Group. Canara Bank is one of the largest state-owned banks in India, over 113 years of banking experience & Robeco group was founded in 1929 in Rotterdam, is a pure play asset manager with a presence […]

Coronavirus Induced Economic Crisis – What lies ahead

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Sensex continued its momentum almost throughout 2019 and hit an all-time high of 41,804 while Nifty touched 12,169 on the last day of the year 2019. Mid-cap and Small-cap stocks were in a growing phase and everyone was hoping that 2020 will be that year for Mid and Small-cap stocks to rebound amid the […]

So how is this Coronavirus pandemic changing the way we live?

Reading Time: 5 minutes The pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has tormented the world in an unprecedented manner. The economic engine of most nations has been shut down in order to slow the spread of the virus. The concept of social distancing – unheard of up until three months ago – has become the norm and is expected […]

7 offbeat ideas to earn passive income in India

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the previous article we highlighted the importance of passive income, the different categories of passive income and 7 common ideas of earning passive income in India. If any of those 7 are not suited for you, then here we have listed 7 offbeat/ uncommon/ unheard/ unorthodox/ unconventional ideas of earning passive income and being […]

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