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What If The 4% Rule For Retirement Withdrawals is Now the 5% Rule?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Bill Bengen rolled out the 4% rule at the Journal of Financial Planning in 1994 in a research piece entitled Determining Withdrawal Rates Using Historical Data. If you read the report you’ll notice he never actually called it the 4% rule but that’s what people took from his research so the name stuck. Rules of […]

How Are Institutional Investors Ever Going to Hit Their Return Targets?

Reading Time: 4 minutes CNBC had a story this week about a $330 billion pension plan in Canada that is reviewing its allocation to bonds in light of the fact that yields are basically non-existent in fixed income right now. How could they not? If you’re an investor and you’re not at least considering doing something about the bond […]

Investment Policy for Institutional Investors

Reading Time: 11 minutes Charley Ellis once said, “Investment policy does not enjoy much popularity. Almost everyone agrees that it is a “good” thing, but almost no one does anything about it.” I’ve had conversations with a number of institutional investors over the past few months because a crisis is typically the time organizations either (a) realize they don’t […]

TL;DR: The Best Finance Books in One Sentence

Reading Time: 2 minutes I enjoy reading finance books but most people do not. So to make your life easier, I’ve gone through all the classic finance books and distilled the message into a single sentence or phrase. I would still recommend reading many of these books if you haven’t, but let’s be realistic, that’s probably not going to […]

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