Take a real adventure with Max Ventures ! – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Investment Case – Max Estates is on a mission to deliver 10,00,000 sqft of Grade A Commercial Office Space in the NCR region EVERY year. These buildings are not future proof, but the future itself. Grade A office space are a fantastic rent yielding asset that the likes of Blackstone, Brookfield and Singapore’s GIC are […]

It’s not an easy Job for Tim to Cook ! – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Jobs has been many things, but he has been more iconic than anything else. He put creating a dent in the universe through innovation in teach above anything else. It was more of a at whatever cost approach, and he finally managed to do it. With that he created Apple and brought it to a […]

Launch of M.W.V on Smallcase — Mystic Wealth | by Mystic Wealth

Reading Time: 2 minutes Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls. We are proud to announce the LAUNCH of Mystic Wealth value (MWV ) our Value based Model portfolio on smallcase. As you know Smallcase is the seamless platform on which clients can update their portfolios with a single click of a button eliminating the execution hassles in replicating model […]

Buffett – I was wrong on the Irish banks in a very big way.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Download BuffettoMungology App – BuffetoMungology   Buffett on his investments in banks during the financial crisis –  Berkshire’s annual meeting 2009. AUDIENCE MEMBER: OK. Hello Warren, Charlie. Felton Jenkins from Savannah, Georgia, a longtime shareholder, and partner. Just want to make a quick comment about something that was a big deal the last couple of years […]

Dimaag ka Nahi, yeah Dimaag SE Dahi banaraa ! – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Lets directly address the elephant in the room. Is Jagan Mohan Reddy going to to make Heritage history ? Simple answer – NO ! Procurement prices of cow milk this quarter was about 30 rs a litre and buffalo milk was about 45 rupees a liter. The Andhra govt has announced a package of a […]

Khadim’s – the Pomeranian that wants to be an Alsation – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 2 minutes Khadims has a whopping 800 stores in India, 200 owned and 600 franchised. Despite the 800 store count, it has a measly turnover of just about 800 cr. What makes this a sadder story is that they alo have institutional business as and a distribution business with 540 dealers. (Obviously they aren’t all that effective) […]

SiS Annual Report 2018-19 Highlights – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes This Security Company is an awesome Security to Own 😉 Big Fat Target – To be no 1, in all three verticals of Security, Facility Management and Cash Logistics in India by 2022. Revenue Contribution Today 38% India security service. 49% Australia, New Zealand and Singapore security service revenue. 13% facility management Negligible Cash management […]

Can Radico Khaitan do something Radical again ? – Big Investor Blog

Reading Time: 3 minutes Radico has an extremely interesting history. It is a classic commodity-to-branded product story laced with superb watershed moments as well as near death scenarios (read as bankruptcy). The more you understand the company, the more you want to make a Netflix series about this company. Yes, it that interesting. Today in a country that is […]

Strong Core for flourishing branches. | by Mystic Wealth

Reading Time: 2 minutes Slow Compounding. WHY are we so GUNG HO about MWT. Mystic Wealth Tortoise. We at Mystic Wealth believe that Slow compounding done on Index itself is the ultimate and probably the ONLY viable strategy available to retail. Now of-course you might feel that we have a product to sell and therefore commitment bias ensures that […]

Best Mutual Fund for Wealth Creation

Reading Time: 6 minutes What’s the best Mutual Funds for Wealth Creation? How do we choose funds? Is there something called a Top Fund or an Under-performing Fund? Which is the best for me? Do we need advise? Read on… Dear investors & friends, Hope you are all doing great. It’s been a long time and today I decided […]

Accounting for sustainability – The Inquisitive Investor

Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week I heard about a body called the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). This was in the context of ESG investing. Katherine Collins, who heads sustainable investing at Putnam Investments, was speaking about their process in ESG investing. She talked about how they had used the SASB standards to identify factors that measure sustainability. […]

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