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Regulation30 is a newsletter service for serious investors tracking corporate disclosures in listed companies. The Regulation30 Newsletter service eliminates manual effort of scanning the exchange websites and also the unpredictability with secondary sources like social media platform. At Regulation30, we read through thousands of corporate announcements on the stock exchange (BSE) and send you an email every night with the interesting disclosures of the day.

Our approach is keyword-based and we select any corporate announcement on BSE containing high impact keywords usually of interest to serious investors and analysts. We have chosen these keywords based on years of experience to cover a wide range of corporate actions.

What kind of events can you track with Regulation 30 Newsletter?

Sample Daily Reports [15 Dec – 24 Dec 2021] (↓):

How Does a Report Look Like?

The Report Layout of the Daily Report
Part-1: Corporate Announcement Announced by the Company
Part-2: Short Text of the Announcement and the Link to Open

How to subscribe to the Regulation30 Newsletter?

The Regulation 30 Newsletter has a yearly subscription cost of ₹5,200 only i.e. ₹14 per day or less than the cost of one newspaper or one cup of tea! We will include your email in our newsletter list within 24 hours of subscription.

Subscribers also get access to the Regulation30 Community, an exclusive subscriber-only space where we share our observations on interesting corporate filings, special situations, arbitrage plays and create a space for members to discuss and learn from hundreds of other enthusiasts.

Our Newsletter vs Other Sources

Manual ProcessOur Newsletter
On average there are 4000-6000 announcements on the exchange daily, which are impossible to review daily.
Our average user receives only 40-60 (less than 1%) desirable alerts in user-friendly HTML format with clickable links.
Researcher spends at least 2-3 hours daily reviewing all exchange disclosures manually for new ideas.We save 500+ man-hours per year that you can better spend analyzing.
The exchange website is cumbersome and it is difficult to separate standard disclosures from the useful ones.Our approach is keyword-based. If the announcement contains the correct description, we will catch it and relay it to you.
Substantial movement occurs in the share prices by the time you are informed of it through social media platforms and other secondary sources.Our service gives you fresh corporate events, every night so you are prepared for the next market day before open.
No control over specific types of corporate events you wish to track. You have to review everything to find what interests you. For example – special situations.We are always on the lookout for new high-impact keywords! Please feel free to reach out to us with suggestions!

Who makes the newsletter?

I’m a lawyer by qualification and investor by heart. I have been investing for ~10 years and professionally assisting companies with regulatory clearances, fund-raising, M&A, corporate restructuring, etc for ~8 years.

I’ve been addicted to reading corporate filings by listed companies for as long as I can remember, my investing strategy is focused on understanding business and corporate events from indicators tucked away in corporate filings.

Tushaar Talwar, Admin Team R30

I am a merchant banker with several awards from BSE/NSE on fund-raising from capital markets including IPOs, rights issues, takeovers, etc.

I have been an investor for ~13 years and professionally involved in capital market operations for ~10 years. My investing style is very similar to Tushaar – we focus on interpreting corporate filings take early positions in trajectory-altering events in listed companies.

Ghanisht Nagpal, Admin Team R30

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